Monday, March 31, 2008

Weak & Inconsequential District Leadership

There is an opinion column in today's Projo by J. Michael Levesque- former Republican state chairman, and two-term mayor of West Warwick. In it he opines on the state of the once powerful Republican Party & the lack of leadership emanating from their defacto leader- Governor Carcieri.

the once powerful Republican Party has become so weak and inconsequential that it’s a rare sight to see a candidate for public office put the party label on his or her lawns signs.

He continues in his would-be elegy:

the now anemic five senators, who despite their talent and best intentions, like their counterparts in the House, are largely ignored by the Democratic leadership, the Republican Party seems a ship without a rudder.

That's us, folks! WE have one of the anemic senators ignored by Senate leadership. Which begs the more important and essential question: WHY? Are we out of our minds? Senator Gibbs was one of the legislators on the Permanent School Funding Formula Committee which just put forth the legislation reducing our area's funding from the state. Heard any comments from her?

The answer is: yes, we are out of our minds. Constantly re-electing a long-time Republican Senator who, btw, rec'd the second lowest majority in the last election after a quarter century of no turnover (she believes in term limits) paces us in the elk of, please shoot me in the foot. The Newport Daily News with its insane unspoken endorsement policy of half Dems & half Republicans, purporting to support us in the long term with the promise of a "balanced" Legislature, is NUTS!

In the "long term," we'll all be dead.
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