Monday, March 31, 2008

Fair Funding for District Schools?

A new House bill (The Education Equity and Property Tax Relief) is on the agenda this year with the much anticipated new reliable school funding formula. It is sponsored by Democrat Edith Ajello (Prov.) who was the co-chair of the Permanent Education Foundation Aid Formula Committee which released their final report last year. Edith, a particular fav of mine, sprouts a head of white (not blonde) curly hair. My kind of woman. The Republican co-sponsor is Rep. John Savage of E. Prov. who was also a member of the aforementioned committee.

Says the report in the "Daily News:"
"Under the formula, four of the six Newport County communities — Newport, Portsmouth, Jamestown and Little Compton — would have their state aid eliminated within three years. Middletown would see its aid cut by 65 percent. Tiverton fares the best but still would see an 11.6 percent cut in state aid."

These formulas would be phased in over 3 yrs. No statement from our Senator Gibbs (nor Rep. Coaty or Amaral), who was a committee member, although everyone else weighed in against.

Ajello, now serving her eighth term in the House, is aware the plan will face stiff 0pposition. But she can also count. About 40 of the 75 House members, and a majority of the Senate’s 38 members represent communities that come out ahead under the formula, Ajello said.

Uh-oh. Not quite what we expected after all. Stay tuned. Let's see what kind of pull our lege members have. Evidently, Sen. Gibbs= zilch, nothing, nada.
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