Thursday, March 06, 2008

Middletown Public Library

There are so many good things going on here that it's hard to know where to being.

Sunday hours are here! 1-5 p.m. Thank you! Hallelujah!

There was a no-fine period around the holidays in exchange for canned goods. As a friend said, "We actually got quite a lot of food for the Martin Luther King Center. They were so grateful!" The library benefitted in that long-time missing books reappeared. Since the largest shortage of food is summertime (I did not realize that), they hope to institute a food for fine program in June every year. Definitely a win-win for all. Thanks to all who have made these wonderful things possible, esp. the Library Board & the Friends! Another hallelujah!

The director has started a travel video series on Sundays from 2-3. So go travel- on the cheap!
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