Wednesday, March 05, 2008

District Poll Results

I just realized that the info I was given from Middletown Town Hall (dated Mar. 3) regarding polling places was in error. There were 4 polls, not 3. One was at Gaudet (which was not listed) while there was another at the h.s. I suppose if you mistakenly showed up at the h.s., they sent you to Gaudet and vice versa.
Thanks to Hard Deadlines for pointing me to the right link for the this info. Sorry to Republicans or other withdrawn candidates. Please check the link because I'm tired of typing.


Obama - 292
Clinton- 290

Clinton- 297
Obama- 259

Clinton- 65
Obama- 55

Town Hall (which had NO available parking during the day!)
Clinton- 543
Obama- 390


Town Hall
Clinton- 251
Obama- 169

Fire Station
Clinton- 809
Obama- 354

Countryview Estates
Clinton- 338
Obama- 139

Clinton- 552
Obama- 368

Little Compton (one poll)
Obama- 436
Clinton- 327


Salvation Army
Clinton- 309

St. Peter's
Obama- 586
Clinton- 533

Wm. Donovan Manor
Obama- 568
Clinton- 380

City Hall
Obama- 679
Clinton- 555

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