Sunday, February 24, 2008

Obama House Party Monday in Newport

Dear Friends,
As you know, Rhode Island’s Democratic primary is just around the corner, Tuesday, March 4th. In the interest of swaying you (if you aren’t already) towards the candidate that I support, Barack Obama, I hope that you can come this with short notice. Not to worry, this informal event is about getting out the vote - not your wallet - so please come and enjoy food and drinks. Especially, if you’re registered ‘unaffiliated,’ and your vote undecided. Among many things, I believe Obama represents a new and much needed generation of leaders who employ selfless judgment. Hope to see you there on Monday, February 25th (500-730pm) at 2 Rovensky Avenue in Newport.

Guillaume deRamel

Hosted By
Lisette Prince
Molly and Guillaume de Ramel
Join us and learn why Barack Obama is right for America and how he will unite our country.

Monday, February 25
5:00 – 7:30 pm
2 Rovensky Avenue, Newport, RI

RSVP (401)846-6592

$25 contribution encouraged.
Bring your checkbook in case you’re inspired to give more!
Bring a friend who is still uncommitted.

Rhode Island is hosting a series of House Parties for Barack Obama. If you want to learn more, and join the campaign for Obama, email Recruit friends, neighbors, colleagues and come to other gatherings for Obama. It’s a movement you can believe in!
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