Sunday, February 24, 2008

District Primary Delegates

Everything you want to know about the upcoming Primary is available here. This is the Sec. of St. website.
Local delegates from our District (plus a little beyond) who will be on the ballot are:

Steven Coaty (the new Rep.)-Newport
June Gibbs (our District Sen.)- Middletown
Suzi Nance-Middletown
J. William Middendorft II - Little Compton
Steven Waluk (Newport Mayor & member for Bridge Authority))- Newport
Christine Callahan (former Rep. now Controller for Bridge Authority)- Middletown

Edith Lorillard Cowley- Newport

Click here for the entire list from the Sec. of St.

If I have forotten anyone, please let me know. The hometowns of the delegates are not listed, just their Congressional House Districts. We are in ONE.
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