Saturday, January 05, 2008

URI to Research Offshore Energy Projects

URI just rec'd $200,000 to begin researching offshore energy projects (primarily wind farms) from the R.I. Office of Energy Resources.

URI scientists, engineers and oceanographers will study the effects associated with alternative energy projects, including their impact on wildlife, commercial fishing, navigation, coastline views and the environment.
Essentially, the URI research will help create zoning regulations for uses such as permitting wind farms and protecting waters for commercial fishing or boat routes, said state energy commissioner Andrew Dzykewicz. “As soon as this is done we will get a lot of interest from the development mmunity,” Dzykewicz said. “If it is going to work any place it will work in Rhode Island.”

The Coastal Resourcest Management Council has already rec'd applications to utilize R.I. water for wind projects. These requests will be placed on hold for the 18 mos. or so until this reserach & zoning is complete.
These results should prove interesting. Wind projects have faced problems in many U.S. coastal proposed projects on the eastern seaboard & been turned down. That's why they are all sniffing around here (we're not their first choice).What this seems to say is that we will proceed with these wind projects, but first a little research. Make no doubt about it- these projects involved big bucks & high profits with fed'l tax credits proferred. Caution should reign here. Once you've got these things up, there ain't no going back.
See the previous series on this from Anthony Spiratos of Newport & Middletown. Our District is a prime target of these energy entrepeneurs. It's important to know the good, bad, & the ugly these projects involve rather than just the State's happy talk. Evidently they really don't care what the residents of these areas think- yet. Big Daddy will decide for us. Will local inhabitants receive any benefits at all or will it be share & share alike?
This is the time to ask these questions (and there are lots to be asked), since some of the answers seem to be already in place (we will be zoned).
Thanks to Projo.
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