Saturday, January 05, 2008

Middletown Council Meets Monday

This may be a lively meeting. Or not.

One item on the agenda is informing the town that it is subject to a suit for a citizen's falling (and breaking her nose) due to a crumbling sidewalk by Flo's across from Atlantic Beach. What is distrubing about this is the plan submitted to the Council by the Planning Board for this whole area. A consultant was paid to come up with this plan which the Town could actually afford to implement. Yet nothing, zero, zilch. It was presented to the town with 2 councillors commenting that it wouldn't actually speed up traffic. And then it died. Now a woman has fallen on those messy sidwalks interspersed with mailboxes & poles & crumblingcurbs/sidewalks .

The cheapest bid to "clean-up" the former drive-in is $37,000. One wonders why it has to be cleaned up at all.

An approval for appx. $13,000 to be spent just searching for a new Town Admin. This may spark some comments/debate.
Some other interesting topics like the tattoo parlor owner's complaint about excessive/inappropriate requirements.

Councilman Silveira has a proposal to honor recent Gulf War vets. Yeah! More later.
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