Friday, January 25, 2008

Only God Can Make a Tree

But the rest of us can plant them! The Newport Tree Society recently sponsored a lecture by Scott Wheeler, the city’s tree and parks supervisor.

“If you go to your typical box store, you’re going to see the same Norway maples, you’re going to see white birches … you’re going to see Bradford pears that fall apart in storms,” Wheeler said. “If that’s what we replant our yards with, we’re going to lose that unique character of what really makes Newport special.”

There are three ways in which trees get planted in Newport: the use of public resources to plant trees on public land; the use of public resources to plant trees on private land within 20 feet of a sidewalk and with the owner’s permission.

The society's specimen tree sale runs through Feb. 8. For more info or to order a tree, call 641-8071. You can also use their website for a listing of trees & an order form. Prices range from $50 to $100 for a 7 gal. container, anywhere from 5-6 ft. (one may be 8 ft.). Pickup is at First Beach on March 29. Trees range from a Morioka Weeping Katsure growing to 12 ft. to a Rivers Purple Beech whick will reach a height for 50 ft. Max of two to a customer. No, you don't have to live in Newport! Anyone may purchase.
I think that I'll throw up a few pics. The top is a Morioka Katsura (12', $80).

This is Dr. Merrill Magnolia (25', $70):
Next is Ivory Silk Lilac (20', $70):

Akebono Cherry (25', $70):

Thundercloud Plum (20', $50):

Purple Fountain Beech (20', $90):

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry (20', $70):

Briotti Red Horsechestnut (30', $70):

Norwegian Sunset Maple (35', $60): Armstrong Maple (35', $60): Heritage River Birch (40', $60):
and the grandest of all- the Rivers Purple Beech (50', $100):
(this photo: Copper Beech, Aquidneck Park, Newport, RI. Copyright 2007 H. Eudenbach)

So which two? And more importantly- who will plant them?

Thanks to Daily News reporter Ian Holliday.
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