Wednesday, January 02, 2008

No-Go on Disclosing Departure Agreement

The Middletown Town's Solicitor has denied Antone Viveiros access to financial records regarding Gerry Kempen's (former Town Administrator) departure. He has determined that any personnel records are not public while also not formally acknowledging Kempen's departure.

"...Town Solicitor Francis S. Holbrook II denied Viveiros’ request, writing: “Without acknowledging that a termination of employment occurred, any and all records, to include all of those specifically cited in your letter of December 24, 2007, maintained by the Town relative to a Town employee are confidential employment records.”
Viveiros will now go to the Attorney General. Don't expect a quick answer here. Whether or not these are actually public records is up for debate. This story will remain definitely unanswered for awhile & perhaps forever.
Thanks again to the red-headed Meaghan Wims for pursuing this story for Projo (our own "Brenda Star").

Antone: Like Ross Perot, "I'm all ears."
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