Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I Heart Newport Hospital

Recently they blew up my kidney stone (I hope). Lithotripsy is the medical term- see my previous posting.

Pre-op (about 1-2 hrs.) consisted of an EKG & an x-ray. I was given a magical nightgown. It had actual intake valves like a vacuum cleaner. A hose was inserted that made the gown warm! Delicious & calming.
There were lots of questions on forms that the nurse filled out (my file was almost 2 inches thick). Everything was written by hand- not roving computers. The Doc marked my kidney with his initials- better than awaking minus an arm.
I rec'd an intravenous- painless! The nurse explained that years ago a needle was inserted & stayed. You'd have your wrist taped to a board to keep it immobile. Moving it hurt. Now they use a plastic catheter that is not even inside the skin. Hence, painless.
I was wheeled into the o.r. There I was switche to a special bed/table & saw the zapper. It resembled a portable x-ray machine.
The anesthesiologist said she's start some meds & I might feel some burning & get a little sleepy. I remember the burning, then lights out. In the recovery room I woke up quite pleasantly. I remember the nurse asking if I wanted any pain medication. The correct answer is always- YES!. Never wait until you are in increasing pain. I also am especially aware of this as I have a high pain threshold (hence, running for election).
After drinking some water I went to another area. I dressed & was able to urinate. Yes, it needs to be strained & you can't leave until you prove that you can void. Then my hubby picked me up and took me home where I ate (hungry! fasting since yesterday's lunch), watched my soap opera, then slept!
Next a.m. I was hoarse for awhile. The results of a breathing tube down the throat, I'd say. That evening & next day I was sleepy & quiet.
The hospital was clean, the whole outpatient procedure moved swiftly, all my questions were answered, & I have my post-op directives. All the staff/volunteers were tops & thankyou! Super. Now if it just takes another 30 yrs. before I develop another stone, I'm all set. When I next go to the urologist I will have another x-ray to make sure there are no stones present.
I asked my Dr. if I should stop the calcium supplements which I just started 3 mos. ago. He thought it just coincidence that I developed this stone & passed another. Hmm, I'm not sure I buy that one. Studies show that people who consumer higher amounts of calcium get fewer stones. In fact, 20% of the population developes kidney stones! So I'll start again but this time making sure its calcium citrate rather than the calcium nitrate that I was consuming. Supposedly it's better all around.
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