Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Learning from and in South Kingston

**Update: For more details on the new contract, etc. click here. It's refreshing. The Superintendent, NEA local, school committee, & town council all seem to LIKE each other. AMAZING! Thanks to my commenter for pointing me in the right direction.

What does South Kingston have/know that those in Tiverton are not privy to? The School Committee and the teachers union have reached a three-year agreement, seven months before their current contract is up. (Projo)

In November the School Committee initiated “expedited” talks that focused on just the major issues, in an effort to avoid the contentious negotiations now under way in districts throughout the state, said Kevin Jackson, who served on the School Committee’s negotiating team.
“It’s fair to both sides,” said Heid, the union president. “It provides security for the faculty and shows they’re valued and respected.”
“I think the wages are fair and we can afford it,” Jackson said. “Come September I foresee good relationships.”
Gee, good relationships? Avoid contentious negotiations? Expedited talks? Valued & respected? Still living within their cap? How is this possible? What are they on there?

Maybe some respect, hard-work, and determination actually does work. Perhaps they forgot to hire a contentious lawyer/negotiator. Can someone please tell them they are doing this all wrong? Or maybe they could just offer some advice/tactics to the Tiverton School Committee.

Good relationships? I beg your pardon. Any openings there? What a group on BOTH sides in South Kingston! Perhaps they could franchise. If I had all their names, I'd print them.

Thanks to Projo's Katie Mulvaney.
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