Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Middletown Getting New Town Admin.

I've been busy. And had a kidney stone attack. Life goes on.

The Town Administrator is leaving. Here is the link for Projo Meaghan Wims article. What next? Perhaps nothing except hiring a new Admin. Perhaps someone will file for the revelation of the parting admin.'s agreement with the Attorney Gen'l. Evidently the Open Meetings law is rather fuzzy here regarding these confidentiality agreements - I won't tell if you won't tell (as long as there is $ involved).

“Unfortunately, the misbehavior and unethical conduct of certain Town Council members has potentially created this situation where the council agreed to pay off the administrator to keep his mouth shut,” Silveira said. “I will not be involved in a cover-up. Why should taxpayers pay out the actions of a single council member or multiple council members?”
"Both sides have agreed to a confidential clause and neither side is allowed to speak,” Rodrigues said. “These types of agreements, they’re sensitive in nature, especially when personnel is involved…You can’t be sensitive enough when it comes to personnel.”

So you've got council members Rodrigues, Mello, Barrow, & Santos on one-side & Silveira, DiPalma, & Sylvia on another. Shocking.

It seems as if Kempen's leaving was long-expected at Town Hall. Kempen is well-respected for the new trash removal service. He was the public face of the program & ran a popular listserv for the town. To think that his leaving would pass by unnoticed was, at best, naive.

However he does not seem to have been popular with Union employees, esp. after he recommended pay raises for Dept. Heads but not them.

The pro-tem Admin. is Shawn Brown who is the current town Finance Director.

What the fall-out for all this will be remains to be seen. Any comments?
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