Tuesday, November 13, 2007

R.I. Blue Cross #20 in Nationwide Healthcare Plans

In an "Honor Roll" rating "the very best of the hundreds of commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid managed-care plans" was recognized. This roll was scored with "data collected and analyzed by the National Committee for Quality Assurance, managed care's major accrediting and standards-setting body." Receiving the highest score 91.7 of was Harvard Pilgrim of Mass. New England companies figured in 8 of the top 10. Scoring second highest was Tufts Assoc. HMO working out of Mass., N.H., & R.I.

The ratings from #11 - #20 were 8 more N.E. companies with Rhode Island Blue Cross coming in at #20 with a score of 87.

With R.I. Blue Cross, consumer assessment showed some problem areas with overall plan satisfaction, physician satisfaction, and timely care receiving lower ratings. Mental & behavioral health care was lacking while preventive health care for all groups rec'd very high ratings. Costs were not considered.

U.S.News & World also rated the best Medicare health care plans in the nation. "Rankings reflect success in preventing and treating illness compared with average health plan." Topping the list are three plans out of Mass. Receiving the highest score of 86.4 is Fallon with R.I. Blue Cross ranking #9 with a total of 85 points. These scores were assigned by users. Mental health treatment & prevention rec'd the lowest scores in R.I.
R.I. Blue Cross figured out # 3 in the Medicaid ratings scoring 88.1. In commercial plans it was #20.

While I am delighted that we made the top twenty, what can we do to improve? I know that Blue Cross monitors this blog, so perhaps...?
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