Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cicilline Wins Democratic Primary in Newport

I don't have the count, but Bud is clearly the winner. Congratulations to him, although with enormous looming State budget deficits, difficult sessions will be on the agenda. And of course, there still is the Tues., December 18th General Election with two other candidates for this House seat.

Thanks to Dave Carlin III for running & giving Newport voters choice. And choice is a GOOD thing.

There was no way last night to get results online anywhere. Why not? The Sec'y of St. site still has not been restored totally after being hacked into two wks. ago. What's the problem here?

Here is the Projo link with a story by Alisha Pina.

BTW: This is when bloggers have the advantage over more traditional news sources. I could get the results out faster than anyone else. And if I hadn't been so tired (remember, I don't get paid for this), I would have had the numbers, too.

I offered use of this site to both candidates for postings. I know how difficult it is to get your message out there. I offer again it to any of the candidates. It doesn't mean that I'll agree with you, but send 'em to me & I'll get them up. I do believe that competition in elections is a GOOD thing for everyone.
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