Thursday, October 18, 2007

Voluntary Trash Program - NOT

I had a phone message from Waste Management who now removes my trash that beginning Nov. 1 they will no longer do so. So much for the "rumor" which Town Hall never publicly acknowledged. I pay $40/ quarter.
My household has 4 active adults & I don't want to recycle. I don't want to spend time opening both ends of cans & washing them. I don't want to cut away the plastic from paper/cardboard wrappings. I don't want to wash out plastic/cardboard containers. Life is complicated enough without 3 trash containers in the house & little ones scattered about.
I was willing to continue to pay for trash pickup, but at $3.50 for a large bag (and I usually have 4-5 bags), this becomes expensive for a program that supposedly will save me money. Now I can't even pay.
I'd even be willing to put out various recyclables (like newspaper) periodically, but no can do either. You're either in the program or not and with 3 large containers.
So I'm looking for another trash hauler. But I'm wondering how many are still around now that they must offer recycling programs. Yeah, no cost for the local permit, but how much for the state permit? Some voluntary program. Thanks so much. I'm so happy that the Council in its wisdom decided not to adopt Newport's program. Recycle or no, you still get trash pickup. Gee, I thought that's what taxes were for.
Call it "voluntary" & then shove it down my throat. I'll post on any alternatives that I find or don't find. Right now I'm not a happy camper.
Have renters or are a renter? Yeah, more good news.
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