Friday, October 19, 2007

R.I. Republicans Love Workers - Not!

“... [Democrats] whose primary base of support is unions…the last vestige of institutional racism in this country.” This from the recently elected Chair of the R.I. Republicans.

I hope every Dem. or Independent will remember this quote & others come the next round of elections - like in Newport. This is what this political party thinks of working people who join together. Institutional racists? Finally, the truth outs.

What are unionists looking for - good pay, fair working conditions, help and support when they can no longer work, medical care, a home, and better lives for their kids. Don't we all want those things? Wouldn't we all belong to a union if we could?

I went to Las Vegas a few years ago & saw a thriving economy. Much of this is built on most workers being unionized.

I've read on "Anchor Rising" a reference to the cancerous blight of teachers' unions in Tiverton (among others). How insulting to any working person, let alone a union of working people to refer to them in this way. I know cancer. To connect anyone with this devastating disease is unconscionable.

At some point the strike in Tiverton schools will be over. Teachers are no saintlier than the rest of us and harsh words are not quickly forgotten. To portray teachers as dupes of union officials is at best naive, more properly idiotic.

So Sen. Gibbs, Rep. Long, what say you? Council persons of the Republican ilke, what say you? We certainly know what Sen. Chafee said, "Adios."

So we finally get down to what Republicans always said their party was not about - economic status & class warfare. Gone are the days of Republican moderates, even liberals, being welcome in this state. Can it be any clearer that this state Party is now the home of the neo-cons, the "compassionate conservatives" a la Bush.

Racist? I have a reprint sign in my house- "Irish Need Not Apply." I remember my grandmother who was born in Worcester & lived there much of her life, telling me how hard it was for her as a young woman to find a job. "No Irish or Dogs Allowed" read the signs. Now that is racism. And the "Whites" & "Colored" signs I remember in the South for restrooms & drinking fountains - racism pure & simple. To associate this with being a Democrat is just plain stupid & ignorant. Words do matter.
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