Friday, October 26, 2007

Middletown's Trash Program Panned

If you have tonight's "Daily News" check the letters to the editor. Sorry, no link & I can't write the entire letter.
Writer James Crockett slams Councilors Mother Theresa Santos & Prez. Paul Roderiguez. He's upset about the current trash program and refers to it as a "reverse Robin Hood program that has the poor subsidizing the rich." He is referrin here to the old dump sticker price of $25/yr. versus a program that at the minimum will cost at least 8x this amount. Hey, join the crowd. I rec'd a solitication from Patriot Removal out of Johnston & I'm with them. Sorry, this program just won't work for my family. They said that they had been overwhelmed with the response from Middletowners (go figure).
James also slammed the "Indian Ave. crowd" (and you know who you are) for going along with this plan. He seems to be suggesting in his letter that the old drive-in site should be used for a new trash depot, but the School Dept. (who owns the site) ain't gonna let that baby go. However, there are other sites that could be utilized.
It's quite a letter from James. It's even more of a wonder that the newspaper printed it (owner - Indian Ave. crowd member). And James is a Republican to boot. I salute you! Have you considered changing parties yet?
I love the headline the editor gave it - "Middletown trash pickup gives us less for more." That about says it all. I maintain that it should be a basic town function to supply trash removal - much as Newport does. It could be a seperate fee or part of the tax rate. It would then also be tax deductible (thanks to my ever-vigilant hubby for pointing this out).
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