Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cat Tricks

I have a black cat & she plays this trick on me every Fall, sometimes Spring, too. When I sit in my chair at the computer, she likes to walk back and forth across my chest-tummy area. This also involves marching, while swinging her tail in my face.
She is an outside cat, so she's been wandering with her cat friends in the bushes. Unfortunately, there is poison ivy out there. I know this to be true as she then transfers it to me. I've had it on my face & arms. This time it's my upper chest below my neck. The itching is driving me crazy!
I feed her, clean her box, put up with her howling to the vets & still she does this. I guess that cats just plain have no respect. No wonder Holly, the wonder dog, likes to chase her. Next time, I'm just plain NOT stopping her.
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