Thursday, September 13, 2007

Trash Collection Limited to Middletown's PAY-IT Program?

I did not make the trash education last night. Click here for more info. Click here to sign up for the Listserve.

The upsetting news I heard from town hall is that Waste Management will no longer be doing private pick-up here. This means sign up for the town's recycling trash pay system or... that's it. The town is passing a resolution (or maybe they already have) that all haulers must have a recycling aspect to pickup. The problem is that this requires a special permit which small haulers can't afford.

I might add that the Middletown Dem. Town Committee also endorsed this program. Why, I don't know since they have not endorsed anything else this year, but this they did. Despite the fact that two our of the four Dems. on the Council have problems with it. So relevant.

Last night I put my large 60 gall. container out - filled plus more bags. The only logistical system I can work out for my family of four plus a dog and cat, involves a lot more work & smelly cans/containers sitting around for two weeks. Three cans in my main living area with more cleaning to do? Lucky us. And I'll be able to spend a week in Paris with all the money I'll save - NOT. I hope that this changes otherwise there will be No Choice involved in trash removal. Stay tuned.

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