Monday, September 03, 2007

Tiverton Schools

** Just re-read Projo. ""The School Committee issued a news release in which it insisted the schools would open on time. The committee added what seemed to be a strange comment. The panel, referring to itself in the third person, said, “However, they caution parents to have a plan in place in case the teachers decide to illegally strike, especially in light of last Wednesday’s attempted abduction of a middle school student from a bus stop.”"
Shades of 9/11, methinks. Tie an attempted of student abudction with a teacher's strike? Talk about a non sequitur.

From the Sec'y of St. site:

Sept. 1. School committee emergency meeting to discuss student safety pending possible teachers' strike

Sept. 3 (Labor Day - how ironic) Same agenda.

No meeting for tomorow or the next day.

Sept. 6 Regular session with possible Executive session after (this would be where you'd discuss contracts, usually) & then reg session (this is where you'd announce any votes you'd taken in Exec. session.
Now this agenda was amended so that there is a possible Exec. session (contract discussion), then a regular meeting with discussion of the NEA contract.

All of these agendas were filed Sept. 1.

So will there be school? I'd say no. I'm betting that teachers' will meet tomorrow morning - early if they have not already met today. Do negotiating sessions have to be filed? No. A contract could even be settled with the Chief Negotiator (Supt. Rearik). Would a contract have to be approved by the school committee? Yes. But a Chief Negotiator could sign a contract pending their approval if authorized to do so (which he is not). This whole negotiating stuff has been a waste of time as it appears that there was never a plan to actually do so.
So what next? Play it out in the press. A nasty battle, indeed. Been there, done that. I certainly don't envy them. I'm also anticipating after being Court-ordered to return, that it will be work-to-contract.
Yes, a fine Labor Day this year.
Go to Pat Crowley's blog for more specific contract details- like 2 days of prof. development - gone. These are invaluable as it allows staff across the board to get together & improve skills/discuss common problems. For awhile this was even done on a state level. But alas, no longer.
The teachers are proposing a new health care savings plan with high deductibles which promises to save the town money. I know the teachers put a lot of time & discussion into this proposal.
Like I've said before, to negotiate both sides have to respectfully & seriously speak to each other with a commitment to "work it out." Not seeing that here. Too bad. It doesn't have to be this way.
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