Saturday, September 08, 2007

Portsmouth Dems Clambake this Sun.

I've been lax in not getting this up sooner. Islanders help each other out. The Portsmouth Dems have an annual clambake. Is it any good, though? This is my guage. My sons are not fond of political gatherings (?go figure!). Whether or not they attend, is judged on if there is any food & how good it is (connoiseurs that they are).
So I asked them both if they wanted to go. Without hesitation, they responded affirmatively! So if you're not interested in the company (and you never know who will be there except for the local Dems), GO FOR THE FOOD!
Jim McDaid at Hard Deadlines has the details - like it's at the Portuguese-American Club & that it's $25 (cheap!), less for kids.
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