Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Middletown Trash Project Coming Soon!

This is the link if you want more info on Middletown's trash program:

You may sign up for service (I think). This link will give you more info & sign you up for a list serv.

$2.50/bag & free removal of some recyclables. It you already recycle or would like to, and are able to move the large carts up & down your driveway, you should sign up for it. Otherwise, weigh your other options. That's really the bottom line. You can also change your mind.

The Council will not adopt any other program but this & is prepared to sign a contract for with Waste Management. How long a period this contract is for I can't say. No, there is not going to be a transfer station until Newport/Portsmouth show some interest in sharing. And that's what the Decider says.
The Council also added 3 names to the Newport Co. Visitors Board without advertising (as Newport does) - it just re-appointed. As the White Knight pointed out (he wanted to postpone the vote), this was fairly smelly. This group controls a LOT of money - much of it acquired in Middletown. I also believe this board is paid. Next time around (two years) it will be advertised. Thanks to the Middletown newsletter for this last bit of info & to the "Newport Daily News" for reporting on the bag price.
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