Friday, August 10, 2007

Tiverton Teachers Still In Contract Negotiations

Tiverton teachers are still in contract negotiations for this coming school year. Teachers were recently meeting in Portsmouth to review some possible new contractual items. Hopefully, the contract will be amicably settled resulting in school starting on time. Why it always has to take this long is beyond me. It's not a like it's a surprise or something.
Having sat on BOTH sides of contract negotations, I know that they always works better when both sides are respectul, honest, & direct. And plenty of coffee. A sense of humor is always invaluable.
It does not have to be confrontational and it does not have to take this long. Perhaps the late resolution of the state budget which specifies state aid to education held everything up a bit.
Hopefully there will be a quick resolution. There could be at least one new provision which I have not seen before benefiting both sides in the contract.
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