Saturday, August 11, 2007

Little Compton Notables - the Gomez family

"Janice Gomez, 64, retired in June after directing and teaching at Little Compton's Nursery School in the United Congregational Church for 35 years." I never met a preschool teacher that I didn't like. They are all truly special people.
I have never meant Janice, however, I have met her husband, Al, a long distrance truck hauler. Reading the article was truly a blast from the past. Fifteen (?20) years ago I was attending a Library class for my degree in Lincoln, a place I was unfamiliar with. Our prof was having us visit school libraries & while doing so I was separated from the main group. After an hr. of wandering, it began to darken, so I decided to head on home.
While on the highway my uncle's vehicle which I had borrowed died. It was never my favorite vehicle as it refused to shift into reverse for me. However, he had graciously lent it to me & was babysitting my 4 y at old. I had taken a yr. off from my teaching job & to save $ we only had one vehicle - my husband's truck.
So what was I to do? No phone. No cops going by. Zilch. A large transport truck driver finally pulled over & offered to help. I told him I had AAA, but he said that he was really uncomfortable leaving me there by myself. I was hesitant about leaving with someone I didn't know. However, I knew I'd be waiting a LONG time & then I'd have a heckuva time getting home. He was, after all, from Little Comtpon - not your usual pickup line topic, so I hopped on his transport truck & off we went. We had a wonderful time with lots of good conversation. I learned about his wife & kids (one was getting ready to attend Brown, I think). He dropped me off at the Stone Bridge Inn where I waited for my husband.
I wanted to write him a thank you note, but I couldn't remember his last name. I did know that he lived by the Sakonnet Vineyard, though.
So a sincere post-thank you to Al. What a great guy. Who evidently also has a wonderful wife. Congratulations, Janice. It was God's own work that you were doing.
And thanks to intrepid reporter Kim Dalglish. I always find something of interest in the
East Bay papers that I don't find elsewhere.
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