Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rep. Long's Personal Contributors

Thanks Joe Baker of the "Newport Daily News" for the article.

Yeah, the Rep. found the paperwork just after Meaghan Wims from Projo called! What luck! Donations - One Middletowner, the second for a year (the other one was his mom).

1. $3,900 in cash contributions of less than $100. Don't believe it. Who???

2. $1,000 John Petrarca of Lincoln - Prov. Auto Body

3. $500 Thomas Casale of Scituate = Casale Auto Body

4. $500 Gregory Gobel of Glocester - Auto Body Concepts
5. $300 Nicholas Rampone of Lincoln - Prov. Auto Body
6. $250 Thomas Hardiman of Foster - Hillview Auto Body
7. $250 David Darlington of North Kingstown - formerly worked in the Guv's office, Chair of Turnpike Authority ($800 since 11/05) Lobbyist for Beacon Mutual receiving $1,000/mo. in compensation ;
8. $200 David Miller of Cumberland - Miller's Auto Body
9. $150 Saverio A. DeRuggiero of Middletown; Yeah, someone in his district. Sal is Chair of the Middletown Republicans
10. $150 Christopher Gasbarro of East Providence - Gasbarro's Fine Wine & Liquor
11. $150 Daniel DiPrete of Narragansett - radiologist; son of former convicted Guv
12. $150 Marguerite Reynolds of North Scituate - New Century Auto Body
13. $150 Joe Tutalo of Cranston - lobbyist for Amer. Express - a bit time lobbyist for Amer. Express
14. $150 Anthony Victoria of North Kingstown - Auto Service Auto Body
15. $933 in-kind contribution from Randy Bottella - Reliable Collision in Cranston, for food he provided for a Long fundraiser almost ($4000 in the past 3 yrs.)
16. $1884 David Reynolds of North Scituate - New Century Auto- for tickets and stationery he provided Long's campaign.

Picking up a pattern here? Why bother with PAC's when you've got auto body owners & sponsor legislation for them. Boo-hoo, the Guv vetoed most. Bruce rec'd appx $1000 in PAC funds, half of that not specified & the largest from the NRA.

Let's see - he beats his wife, cheated on her, has his family living on the dole, is addicted to alcohol & cocaine, recently took his new third wife on a cruise, neglected to file/pay some federal income taxes, and does not live here. Boy, if he ever kills a dog - he's history!
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