Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Music on the Farm!

Simmons Farm, that is. This Sat., Sept. 1 from 4 -7. Free! 1942 W. Main Rd. 849-9910

Acoustic music with Boston's Geoff Farina along with Newport's Fred Abong.

South Co. Swamp Yankee Bluegrass - Rank Strangers.

Bring chairs/blankets.

What is a swamp yankee you might ask? They live ONLY in a small area comprised of Ct. & R.I. Here's one definition:
"Anglo-Saxon farmers in South County there."
And : "a Yankee from poor origins, who had to really hack it out of nothing,"
My personal favorite : "a person who lived in woodland swamps and who became fiercely independent, stubborn, obstinate and uninformed of what was going on in the outside."

As my mother says, "Ya pays your money & ye takes yer choice." (Nah, she is Portuguese.)
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