Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rep. Bruce Long's Campaign Monies

I blogged earlier about the Rep.'s failure to file where over $10,000 in contributions came from WAY beyond the deadline for such. In his filing he gave himself an extension by saying he had lost his records & would reconstruct them. Now is the time, brother.
Rep. Long has one of the healthiest campaign funds of anyone at the Statehouse, if not the largest (almost $50,000). Most of his contributions come from autobody shops, and a healthy amount from liquor stores. Few dollars actually come from his district, although he does list over $8,000 in donations under $100 (no names). Puh-lease. Even Sen. Reed would have trouble raising that with no local fundraisers (and even with).
He had no election this year, and last time around had only a small campaign (George Levesque, Dem. from Jamestown) opposition.
His largest (and oddest) campaign expenses:
1.stamps: over $200 the past year plus use of a mail manager (which includes postage). Everytime a report is filed, there is a stamps expense. No one else locally does this.
2.Verizon - almost $550. Again, no other local legislators have this expense.
3.bridge tokens (Pell Bridge) - $400 (that's 400 trips).

One might ask what his personal/business expenses are for these items, or is everything he does political? BTW, Sen. Paiva-Weed from Newport who shares this district, lists no phone expenses, no tokens, and specifies what her stamps are used for (invitations). She had no opposition either this yr. & only token opposition previously.
He's admitted to being a coke addict, alcoholic, wife abuser, and paying no federal business taxes on his Longade business. No info has been furnished on treatments or tax payments. His former wife also filed charges intimating that he was illegally tapping into her medical records. Oh, and he no longer lives in his district. All plum committee memberships were stripped from him & the "Newport Daily News" is on record asking for his resignation. He makes frequent appearances in Jamestown (not so common here)& as he has publicized his e-mail there, residents here may enjoy having it:

Recently an East Bay PAC was formed by area Republicans to raise money for legislative candidates, including Rep. Long. It should be the other way around. This also doesn't say much for local Republicans. Aren't they allowed to asked questions or is it just okay so long as he is a Republican? Of course, I haven't heard much (well, nothing, actually) from the local Democratic committee either. His district covers half of Middletown & all of Jamestown.
An irony is that his mom with whom he used to live & is one of his few district contributors works at Newport Grand. Bruce is with the anti-casino forces.
Voter don't need to look to statewide officials or "other" legislators to find out what is wrong with out gov't.
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