Friday, August 17, 2007

Newport Puts Pressure on Middletown for More $

The "Newport Daily News" hit the nail on the head regarding the propriety of the Newport Council (or is it the city Manager) not allowing Middletown any new water connections until it gets a better payoff for its sewer system usage. This action should be in the Council minutes & it's not.
The "News" uses this then to wonder what else goes on behind closed doors. It might also wonder what Middletown is going to do about it. Middletown relies on Newport for much of its water & uses Newport's wastewater treatment system. Newport wants Middletown to share more of the costs (Newport is having $ troubles, too, duh).
No, none of this is on the agenda for the next Council meeting. Middletown never even told its citizenry that this has been a problem since May. I'm assuming that at least the Council Prez knew about it. But it was kept quiet. Why?
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