Friday, August 17, 2007

More Trash at Middletown Council Meeting Mon. at 7

Trash, trash, lovely trash. Yes, it's on the agenda again. This time it takes the form of a resolution. But before that someone on the Council asked for a letter from Sal DeRuggiero to be placed on the docket (c'mon, guess who). Bottom line is that he wants to adopt Newport's trash pickup system & use a special "tax assessment" to pay for it.

The reason for doing so is that "[the Council's] decisions were based on arguable alternatives driven by the approaching expiration of the transfer station's lease." Yeah, that was the point of the "trash action." "...most of the decisions are not made in the economic, managerial, or environmental interests of the town..." "... Weekly curbside pickup was not adequately considered." Ooh, in other words he does not like the current plan big time!
Sal is not writing a personal letter, but rather as Chair of the Republican Town Committee. The Republicans also have two members (and one could theoretically argue even more) on the Council who have raised no objections to the current plan slated to being Nov. 1. I haven't seen where they've even put forth any original ideas, although this certainly was a campaign issue. But certainly a lot of time was spent discussing the departure of the former library director.

Only one Council member is on record as opposing the current plan -"Inspector" Sylvia. And he's a Democrat. To be sure, this is a better plan & always has been. Never heard much discussion of it, if any. That's just not the way the council chose to go under the current Prez. BTW, the Democratic Town Committe has endorsed the current plan.

It promises to be an interesting meeting, unless the Chair & others are able to quash discussion.
Other topics, too, but you can check the agenda yourself at: Link. It will be a long meeting. No, nothing on beach pollution.
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