Thursday, August 02, 2007

Never-Ending Middletown Trash Talk

More changes already. The whole program now has a delayed start until Nov. 1. Confused?

If a town can't even provide trash services as part of its tax rate, what the heck are we getting for our $? Isn't this the basic purpose for paying taxes? More and more fees. This benefits whom most? Well, perhaps the politicans who promise to keep taxes down, for a start. But don't fees count, too? Especially for a service that we all need.

I'm for the same program Newport has. Simple. If this new program doesn't work out, you may well see some heads roll on the Council next year.

So if we were paying for trash collection at the dump, and most of the former costs came out of property taxes, and this is shortly kaput, why didn't my taxes go down? Basic costs like trash removal should be paid from taxes. It's okay to pay taxes for monies being held in various rainy day accounts for a police and ? fire station. But trash? You're on your own. I suppose they couldn't actually figure out a way to charge fees for police/fire use (although you'll get a bill for an ambulance).

I think that I'll stay on my own trashwise awhile longer. Right now, I haven't seen much to persuade me otherwise.
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