Friday, August 03, 2007

Cumberland School Committee Renegs - Maybe

When is a contract not a contract? I guess when you're a school committee. This group seems to have decided to negate the teachers' contract calling for Blue Cross Health insurance & supply Healthmate instead - maybe. Yup, less is definitely better. Hope none of them live on Aquidneck Island. I don't think Newport Hospital is a provider.

Heck, why give them heath insurance at all? Just make the school nurse take care of everyone. And the gym/health teachers, too. Chem class students could also get vocational training at the same time by making/suppling meds. School fairs could sell some of the extras that they made.

And here is a way to keep those schools busy year-round. Turn them into walk-in hospitals. The art teachers (they are quite good with their hands) could perform surgery alongside any sewing teachers that are still around. Mental health care - use Counselors. They have plenty of time. Keep those shop teachers busy making crutches & canes.

Yes, a strive to the bottom, that's the ticket. If they want healthcare, let them go to France. Or Cuba. And they can take those foreign language teachers with them too (they'll need them). Better yet, just give them an apple a day in the cafeteria with the private contractors supplying high quality foods- and charge them for it.

So when is a contract not a contract? I guess when a school committee says it's not.
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