Sunday, August 12, 2007

Middletown & Newport's Dirty Beaches

My alternate title for this is, "Speak to the Hand." Atlantic & Easton (First Beach) beaches were featured on the evening news because of the pollution closure. Evidently people were swimming & then the signs went up. If it rains an inch or more, these beaches are CLOSED. Don't swim there! It takes a day or two for the water to clear up (or more). There haven't been as many closures this year because of a draught.

What has our State Sen. done about this problem? She's been there a quarter century & the problem has just gotten worse. The lege needs a blue ribbon commission to come up with a plan to deal with this state-wide problem. Wait, I thought they had one. How about a plan?

TheTown Council also needs to being this to the forefront. I'd suggest complaining to our Sen. & Rep. Long, but that's a waste of time. Again, you may as well, "Speak to the hand." Rep. Rice needs to put this on her agenda also. It's difficult to encourage local business to locate/stay here when this makes the news.

Then, of course, there are poor old Kings' Park Beach & Third Beach which don't even make the news anymore. Beaches in Portsmouth have suffered the same fate for ?20 years or more. And I've been stuck in all day with my various meds due to allergies & newly acquired asthma because of lousy air quality. When I get ahold of that hand...
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