Thursday, August 02, 2007

Economic Development

Middletown's Econ. Develop. (& future plans thereof) has been in the news lately:
Brookwood Real Estate Partners II (out of Beverly, Mass.) announced Jul 18 yesterday that it had purchased three office buildings in Middletown - including the home of KVH Industries Inc. - for a total of $17.4 million. The company highlighted Middletown’s status as an emerging center for high-technology business, the majority of which have ties to the defense industry.

Both Projo & Daily News have done articles on Middletown's Econ. Devel. regarding a new report released by its Advisory Committee. The Mayforth Group recently released this with suggestions for keeping/improving Middletown's attraction to businesses. This report will formally be presented to the Middletown Council in a special 630 meeting August 27th in the Town Council Chambers.

The local committee is planning a visit to D.C. soon to Sen. Reed's & Rep. Kennedy's office to discuss Middletown's future & also (hopefully) to scrape up some bucks. This group is concerned with many items, including beach pollution.

We want good jobs here!
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