Sunday, July 08, 2007

Summer Fun Quiz

Please feel free to contribute:

Favorite summer song: Anything by the "Beach Boys"
Picnic or BBQ food: Corn on the Cob, burgers, potato salad, strawberry shortcake, spitting watermelon seeds, s'mores
Favorite summer activity: Going to the beach/swimming
Favorite summer footwear: nothing!
Earliest childhood summer memory: Running across the street in Worcester by myself to get ice cream & getting a good spank & talking to by my Dad.
Favorite summer drink: lemonade
Worst thing about summer: Mosquitos
Fav Summer Vacation: Sandwich, Cape Cod; Atlantic City; Wildwood, NJ
Sand or grass: Grass
Summer movie: ?
Cup or cone: Cup
Gas or charcoal: Gas
Did your parents send you to camp? Only rec day camps
Name one of your summer Jobs: Nanny (Tuxedo Park, N.Y.) followed by Waitress (Ocean City, Md.) - yuck! Hardest jobs I've ever had in one memorable summer.
Fav Ice Cream Treat: pistachio
Best Summer Ever: Any summer when I was single & the Navy fleet , UN fleet, & America's Cup races were here! A young woman's heaven-on-earth!
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