Saturday, July 07, 2007

Major Candidates on Health Care

I've given you the link for a summary of all the major candidates' (both parties) stand on health care from the N.Y. Times. I like Kucinich. I've always liked him. He's constantly undermined by the press/media who make subtle (and not so subtle) comments on his appearance. I just don't care about that. Feel free to comment.

I believe that health care is a basic right. It comes under "life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness." Without good health, you can't do any of these things. I'm also pretty much fed up with our parents who saved & worked all their lives to leave something to their children and leave them zilch because it's all eaten up with health care costs. My mom now pays for for her meds under the new drug prescription plan than she did before. Thanks for nothing.

I do not care for the recent health insurance programs that the Guv & lege have come up with. Better than nothing? I suppose. But this is the best that we can do? Many preventive tests/treatments aren't covered. In bad health? It's YOUR fault. Meanwhile the richest thousand or so taxpayers get a tax break. I don't get it. How many of these "richest" actually generate income in the state (besides their own). They're easily replaced & maybe housing prices would actually decline.

Americans have repeatedly said that they believe health care is a right & are willing to pay taxes for it. At least we'd get a chance then to actually see/use where our taxes our going. Too often now, we have to remind people what they are used for. Perhaps that's because most of us just don't see it for ourselves, while we do see others provided with what we lack.

The poorest do get it. And that's why some of them choose to stay that way rather than take a job which in the end will cost them more than they receive. If the middle class doesn't get a break, then they wonder why they have to foot the bill for others. And well they should.

Perhaps that's the point, though. If we're all angry with each other, that means we're only out for ourselves. And as a societal basis, this doesn't work well for most. But it definitely works out quite well for a handful who are darn good at persuading the rest of us who are too tired, scared, & discouraged to presume otherwise.

***BTW - The discriminating teen likes Gravel who wants health care vouchers.
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