Saturday, July 07, 2007

"Sicko" playing at Opera House

Go see it. It's about 2 hrs. long & entertaining while also getting it's message across.
Rhode Islanders are somewhat luckier than insurance buyers in other states. If you have a pre-existing condition in R.I. you can still purchase insurance here at the same price that others pay. Not so in other states. However, it's still expensive.
I've decided after this pic that I'd like to become French. Sure, not being fluent in the language could be a slight problem (among others). Watch this movie & see why.
Every once in awhile my family thinks of moving to Ireland where my husband & sons are citizens. Why? - free health care, secure retirement, free college, good jobs, etc. The only thing lacking is good weather.
High taxes? Yes, but not much more than ours when you add all the extras we pay in fees besides taxes (and no more free dump). And their governments are afraid of them, rather than vice versa here. So enjoy & send in your comments!
***BTW, My discriminating teen says it was "very entertaining."
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