Friday, June 15, 2007

Sweet Berry Farm

There is a good article in today's "Daily News" on Sweet Berry Farm & the owners. Remember, their links are only good for a day. After that you pay. Jan Eckhart and his dad, Ted, aren't hard to spot on the farm, often tractor driving. A number of family members work there, including wife Michelle. You can also visit with the friendly German Shepherds.
My mom says that visiting there is "fun." And she's right. Each year the farmstand changes with what they stock. I used to work with Jan in his former life as an English teacher. Who knew he could be "Farmer Jan", too?
Chef Cory has prepared foods to purchase. Thank you, Cory. Lots of nights you are dinner.
Strawberries are available now until the beginning of July. Good crop this year. Sometimes shortcake biscuits are available, as is angelfood cake. Yum. Good with berries. I've been mashing them up & adding brown sugar this yr. instead of white. This supposedly enhances the flavor. Eat 'em out of the box or try them sliced with some heavy cream sold there from a Tiverton dairy.
The Farmers' Markets are also open now on Wed. in Newport (on Memorial Blvd.) in the afternoons & Sat. in Middletown off of East Main Rd. by the Glass Onion.

Buy fresh! Buy local!

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