Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Middletown Dems Make Nice? Newport Dems Do!

The town Democrats under new leadership passed a new set of by-laws. This is seen as an effort to heal recent rifts. A number of amendments were offered, much to the Chair's evident displeasure. However, one raising the membership number from the proposed 45 (current number of members) to 75 passed.

Using strong language to try to keep strict order ("Vulgarities will not be tolerated" to a member who used the word "ass"), the Chair curiously often appeared to be confused, thereby confusing the membership. A note concerning the female member who made a reference to "her ass being kicked out the door." She actually does own an ass - donkey. She keeps it in her back yard. As you may not be aware, donkeys can be quite stubborn. I do believe that she sometimes actually does have to kick her ass out the door (barn, of course). His name is Harry. I assume the Chair isn't familiar with her Harry ass.

Still-in-all, the new by-laws passed when it became clear that there was not a 2/3 majority to vote them down - a donnybrook narrowley averted! Whether new by-laws will heal a rift remains to be seen. It's going to take a monumental effort on the Chair's part to achieve this.

There was a short discussion of tomorrow's budget with the belief that a 3. 9% tax raise will be passed (tomorrow). The Chair also seemed interested in the Presential elections & coming up with an endorsement. He is also interested in recruiting possible Council candidates, although the current members have not yet reached a decision that I know of.

So everything is now copecetic (theoretically speaking). For now.

Too bad no one offered to thank Newport Dems for the fine party they offered a few Sunday's ago. It was VERY well attended by many, but alas, with few Middletowners, even though they were listed as sponsors. The Dems agenda works well on an island-wide basis for many items, and it would be nice to see this happening more often! Thanks to Newport Dems for their fine efforts which was much appreciated by all in attendance. It certainly was the place to be and all for zilch! Sorry, not much time to cover it as there were graduation events & orientation at URI. Too bad the Daily Snooze decided to ignore it. People from all over the island were there with many local & state officials. Not only was there good food but excellent music! They also had activities for kids. Nice touch. I didn't take a count but it certainly was a very large group filling the Elks' grounds, porch, & some of the park across the street. All the "neat" people were there.
So, the Mayor of Prov. has nice legs. Take my word for it.
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