Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Councilman DiPalma Wants More Local Control

Projo's Meghan Wims has a good article on Councilman's Lou "We Try Harder" DiPalma's motion at the last regular Council Meeting requesting the state Lege to take some action & give more control to localities.
He would like communities to have some say ("a place at the table") regarding group homes. He believes that neighbors should at the very least be notified. He also feels the same way about the location of the helopad by the State on the Grey Craig estate (welcome, Nicolas, Cage, Democrat). We were notified by the State out of courtesy, that's the only part Middletown played. Lou is also concerned by the recent bill before the Lege to take control of regs regarding Newport Grand (slot gambling).
He's got a point. What will our state Lege's do is the question. What can they do? More later.

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