Monday, June 04, 2007

Atlantic & First Beach Closed

Expect Atlantic beach to be closed most of this week. This is the small Middletown beach located right next to Newport or First beach. The Atlantic Beach Club is located in front of it.

The rain hasn't helped, but there is still a pollution problem caused by the moat around the resevoir emptying into the ocean. Recent work on the sewer pipes in the area seems not to have helped. Hopefully this will change by the weekend, but who knows? Check the "Daily News" or the State Dept. of Health website for updates.

First Beach gets closed for a few days whenever it rains. If you swim at First Beach, avoid the Middletown side by the small stream & Atlantic Beach Club. No pets on the beach and do not let them drink from the moat around the resevoir. This area around the resevoir is supposed to be closed but I still see people walking there with their pets. They could come down with meningitis. It is highly polluted, mostly from animal wastes.

The good news is that Second Beach is open & surf's up!
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