Saturday, May 26, 2007

Who is Your Favorite Veteran?

Candidate Carl Sheeler began this thread last year.

My Favorite Veteran
I miss my uncle, John Aloysius Rice. He was a WWII veteran who served for almost 20 yrs. in the Army. He was a Master Sergeant who was talented in languages & worked for the OSS after the war in Europe. He was in in the Battle of the Bulge.

Everyone liked my uncle. He was always full of laughter & fun. He was a bachelor who never owned or wanted for much. He loved the good life on occassion. Much of his life he spent with my grandmother. My Uncle was known for his generosity & adored my two sons & myself along with my brother & sister. He died at age 77 fairly quickly from an awful disease - cancer of the pancreas. I miss him a lot.
My husband, Frank, knows all the pertinent military details as he was also in the service during the Vietnam era. Frank, a native Newporter, was lucky & served stateside as an M.P. which left him with a lifetime of adventures to share (which he frequently does). He was offered the chance to go to West Point, but declined.
I miss my uncle along with my dad, Walter Rice, who was 4F & never served during the war. But not for lack of trying. He tried all the armed forces & could always make it through the preliminaries until he rec'd a physical. He had a perforated eardrum from botched surgery when he was young, so he was deaf in one ear. He died years ago from a sudden heart attack when he was only 53. I miss them both.
I remember.

Who is your favorite veteran?
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