Monday, May 14, 2007

Legislative Grants for District 12

I know that you've been waiting with baited breath for this. Remember, this is OUR money. So what does one of the most senior State Senators (but one elected with the 2nd lowest majority) pull down for her district??

Middletown: $2000 (8 precincts)

Little Compton - 3 entities: $11,000 (2 precincts) (there are 14 total in District 12)

Big Sisters Newport Co. : $2000

R.I. Legal/Educational Partnership (Prov.) - they sponsor "Mock Trial" in high schools: $2000

6 groups with 3 in Little Compton.

This makes for a Grant Total of $15,000. Do you understand "gerrymandering?" Does "it's a good thing that Adamsville/Little C. is heavily Republican or I'd never win" register? How about spreading out what little $ you are able to obtain for us?

Now let's take a look at neighboring Sen. Levesque's district (P'mouth & Bristol).

13 groups

Grant Total: $26,000 (almost evenly divided in district)

Sen. Felag - Tiverton: $26,500. 23 groups.

Think this is unusual? Think again. Maybe we should all call ourselves "Little Compton."

BTW: From last year (sorry, link is gone):
Felag, Jr. (Bristol, Tiverton, & Warren) $21,500 - 21 grants
Sen. Levesque (Portsmouth & Warren) $14,600 - 10 grants
Sen. Gibbs 12th dist. (Middletown, Little Compton, Newport, & Tiverton), $8000 - 4 grants.

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