Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rep. Long Wants New Taxes

Okay, here's a bill sponsored by Reps. Trillo & Long to impose a tax (they call it a fee) of 10% of the gross revenue on owners of billboards located on interstate highways or connectors. Now I don't actually object to this. But these same Reps. (and all the Republicans) voted against Newport changing the way it taxes timeshares which would have resulted in more Newport revenue. And the reason was that they were against any new taxes. This is the same reason that the Guv has twice vetoed the legislation. Sen. Gibbs didn't vote against this, she just didn't vote (although she had voted for it previously). Nice sidestepping. The Daily Snooze really slept though these local votes.

Rep. Bruce Long has another House Bill No.5923 which raises liquor taxes. So is there a difference between a tax and a fee? What? No new taxes except if you drink or use a billboard? There is some fundamental belief system which which is escaping me here. Why billboards? The liquor tax increase goes to help those with drinking problems (guess Long would be the beneficiary here).

The Middletown Council did hold it's session with local state legislators (despite my previous doubts), although the agenda disappeared from its site the week of the meeting. Rep. Long & the Snooze were there. Funny that no one asked him if he'd paid his business taxes yet. Hey, enquiring minds want to know. No, No. We wouldn't want to involve any controversy involving Republicans. When will the Snooze also get on the bandwagon for non-partisan State elections?
Then they can pretend to be truly non-partisan while making endorsements.

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