Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Rhode Island Schools Go to the Dogs!

Sharif the 3 yr. old Great Dane is another "reading dog" visiting an elementary classroom in North Kingston. The Warwick "Y" organized an after school reading program and this is where the dog received his training. They had Sharif evaluated twice by a professional dog trainer.

"The first evaluation tested for obedience and character. Sharif had to obey commands, such as sit, stay and come. Also, 'He had to allow someone other than me to handle his paws, head, ears, et cetera,' Kirchner said. 'I had to leave the room to see if he had separation anxiety.' Sharif passed the first evaluation with flying colors.

The second evaluation took place in a school. The trainer wanted to see how Sharif was with a group of young children. In this most important evaluation, Sharif again scored an A-Plus."

Shariff (named after Omar Shariff) works for the Warwick Y's after school program until Feb. He then makes weekly trips to the North Kingston school to be read to. He has his own special "blankie" and, of course, the kids love him.

This is a great idea which I've blogged about previously. My German Shephard would love this. We'd have to work on the jumping, though (she likes to be boss). Perhaps the local "Y" or Potter Shelter could get a grant for this. Other pets can also receive the needed training.

Thank you, Projo.

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