Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More Library Ramblings

Tonight the council will again discuss the departure of the former Director, Robert L. Balliot, and the refusal of the library trustees to resign (ad nauseum). There is even going to be a motion for the Attorney General to consider if it is possible for Council members to remove any board/commission members at their whim.

It's time to allow the former director to get on with his life. After eight years of service, a small town public library no longer made a good fit with his interests and abilities. He chaffed under the basic rules & regulations necessary to insure the integrity of any government branch. His strongest asset was always his technical services expertise, and perhaps this is where his future will lead him.

The problems concerning Open Meetings Laws are fairly common. Having read these regs a number of times, they are often as clear as mud. The library chair is a lawyer himself. It was also the Director's job to assist with these postings.

The Director seemed to see himself as the center of all public information in the town and as the sole arbitor of all aspects in this regard. This is just plain dangerous. This coupled with widely circulated malicious misinformation (lies) resulted in a library that was having difficultes functioning on its most basic level (jeopardized funding). I was even forced to publicly state that I was not in line to be the next director. Absurdities, insults, and innuendoes spread to undermine reality.

Mr. Balliot deserves the opportunity to use his many talents in a setting that conforms more to his personal standards. He resigned of his own accord and his wishes should be respected. To continue to blame his governing board for what was clearly a most dissastified director on all levels, is absurd. It's not the director who should hold the center of importance, it's the library. The library is still there, it still functions, and will go on without him. This is not the first time that a director has left. I sincerely hope that he is able to find more suitable employment.

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