Friday, December 01, 2006

Middletown Library Director - Adios!

Firstly, let's get the last 2 paragraphs from the "Daily News" out of the way. "As for rumors that the trustees already have promised the position to a former board member, Grisham said that was not the case." Gee, the only former member that I know of who would qualify with an MLIS (Masters Degree in Library Studies) is ME! And if there is one thing in life that I DO NOT WANT - it's another full time job (been there - done that). And a 5 sec. conversation with me would clear that up - or anyone who knows me. IT AIN'T ME, BABE! So either some person has escaped my memory or (as my mom would say) the rumor mongerers need to have their heads examined! No, I'm quite sure that it didn't have ANYTHING to do with my running for State Senate.
Everything about this move to prevent the director Robert L. Balliot, Jr.) from departing was based on rumor & innuendo. And if my name was mentioned (and I know that it was) - shame on them. It would have to be rumor & innuendo because facts certainly wouldn't work.
I congratulate the Board of Trustees for having the courage and care for the town, the library, & its employees to take this action. I've blogged on this before.
You can also check out the article in Projo.
I do NOT like to see anyone lose their job. I know what this is like (again, been there - done that). The director had been pushing for a confrontation like this for years. For some reason he thought that he was immune to being released. And for a long time he was. If I had done even a few of the actions that he took upon himself, I could have been fired. He chose not to make any changes and pushed for conflict. And he got it. I'm sad that it had to end this way. But the town is better off for it.
So let's find a new Director. Babara Camadeco (Ass't Dir. & Childrens' Librarian) is now taking over. Hey, assistant director. Sounds like a good choice to me for Director. If, indeed, she wants it.