Saturday, November 18, 2006

Republican Party in the District

I spoke before about the split in the Middletown Republican Party which the Daily Snooze ignored. There were only four Republicans running for Town Council here and seven Democrats. Two of the Republicans running for Town Council were endorsed by four Democrats also running (and vice-versa). Two other Republicans running were NOT endorsed. Seems like a split to me.

The deciding local factor for Republican endorsment was whether you were a Chafee or Laffey Republican. Each regard themselves as "Real" Republicans and dislike the others. The former was necessary, so long to the latter. But Chafee didn't win which places not only the town Reublicans but the entire state party smack in the middle of a split (and that ain't a good thing for them).
This also seems to be reflected by RI Future (thanks, for the plug. I've been off Lefty due to feed problems): "In Rhode Island, Republicans lost every general office except the Governor’s seat, which was barely won. In the General Assembly, there will be only 5 Republican Senators (out of 38) and 14 Republican Representatives (out of 75)."
The fact that WE now boast one Republican State Senator & 2 Rep. Reps bodes WELL for us, doesn't it? I won't even mention the non-partisan Republican Mayor in Newport.
Interesting times await the Republican Party in R.I. Many in the party merely tolerate our Sen. Gibbs (Chafee supporter - she has Rep. opposition breathing down her neck) or Rep. Long (I've never been quite sure why they don't like him - maybe because he was once a Democrat or because he seemed to back neither Chafee or Laffey - he also criticized the lack of a party platform). Will the current Guv be able to hold this party together? Don't see how, but a lot can happen (and probably will). If Chafee ("I'm a Republican") decides to run for Guv you'll have a LOT of unhappy Republicans. Even more if he runs for any other party. Perhaps a Pres. candidate can unite them. Yes, interesting times.