Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nice Job if You Can Get It (and keep it)

The current speculation is that the local library director (Robert L. Balliot, Jr.) is about to be put back into circulation, according to the "Middletown Newsletter." I highly recommend this site if you're interested in local government.

Seems as if the director is trying to achieve every man (or woman's) dream - to be gainfully employed AND be the employer (without any of the $ responsibilites, of course) at the same time. At a recent Board meeting (the library is run by this Board who is appointed by the Council - they answer to the State, though - much like the School Committee), they wanted to give him a list of job requirements/expectations. In turn, he has a 20 page list of requirements for them. This is tantamount to my working for the School Dept. (which I did) and handing them my list of my requirements for them ( which I did - yeah, right!).

The basic question has yet to be answered - who is in charge? Too bad there were never specific policies in place which would have avoided this brouhaha. But what do I know? Oh, that's right. I have the same degree as the director (plus a few more).

A pity that all the publicity centers around the librarian rather than the library. And except for the director, everyone is working under an expired contract. There is a meeting scheduled on Tues.