Monday, November 27, 2006

First Beach Pollution

Here is another discussion blog that I like: "Knowing Newport." This is a letter taken off their site of interest to Middletowners, too. Hey, we HATE pollution in the First Beach area, too. Wish you could do something about Third Beach!

"Re: CSO pollution: Here's what you can do ...
Knowing-Newport,One thing you all can do to help the problem on your own is to attend one of the meetings COA (Clean Ocean Access) is putting on. They are a group of citizens and scientists who are doing water testing and looking at ways to solve the sewer problem, while the whole 'who willl read it' question shakes out:

1. General COA Meeting---November 28th 2006 at 7pm-8pm at Newport Public Library. Open to the Public.

2 'Stop the Rain'---November 30th 2006 7 PM at Newport Public Library. Open to the Public.-'Stop the Rain'Agenda: In an effort to reduce the unnecessary inflow of water to the sewer system, and in coordination with the Newport & MiddletownPublic Works Depts, the COA is putting on a workshop identifying ways to keeping high volumes of rain water out ouf the Sewer System. This water does not need treatment and causes excessive volume to our sewer treatment, which then overloads and discharges untreated or minimally treated water to the bay. Come to the presentation to learn how to identify and corect improper sewer line connections - sump pumps, gutter drain spouts and yard drains.

As a proud member of this group, I hope you all to attend, ask questions, learn about this group's work, how you can help, and see what can be done on a grassroots level to help solve the problem. For more information please contact me... asumberg @ or mycell 415.706.7979 .Alex Sumberg"